5ft 11in (180cm)
26 yrs


Reserved, Crafty, Intimidating(at first), Cheeky/Sly, Child-like, Chaotic Neutral/Good

Dani is a quiet individual who’s trying their best to open up to others, but is wary of being used/manipulated.

If you befriend them, then they will die for you.

If you make them your enemy, then they Will Make Sure you know that they Hate you.

On surface level, they prioritize themselves and people they care about first. But deep down, they believe everyone should have a chance at a good life.

Dani is absolutely bad at lying, and can’t really come up with stories to cover up said lies. Instead, they ‘lie’ through omission.


  • Speedy, can sprint for a long time
  • Stealthy/Sneaky
  • Crafty, Imaginative
  • Stamina, can last long
  • Really good Aim.
  • Determined.


  • All regular fleshy human weaknesses
  • Still new to Empathy, they’re trying.
  • Can’t take many hits, glass cannon
  • Relies too much on Stealth/Indirect Damage
  • Impulsive / Slight trigger-happy
  • Will fall Hard if you break them.
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Ability: SoulFire

Dani’s soul, in the form of blue fire. It is fueled by their life energy and/or their motivation/drive. These especially burn and exorcise demons/evil beings, and at most push/knock back nondemons.

  • Ranged - Dani can shoot concentrated fire from their hands/fingers like a laser.
  • Protection - Dani can coat themselves in a layer of fire to protect them from side-damage like burning.
  • Ward - Dani can coat others in the fire to ward demons/evil influence.
  • Charge - Dani can ‘charge’ items, such as their gun, with fire to temporarily increase demon-hurty damage

Note: Because it is their LITERAL SOUL, even the tiniest use of it can drain them. The larger the spending, the more time they will need to rest. This Can be fatal.

  • This is why they have canisters, to store up any extra energy and use it later
  • If used for others/selfless reasons, it would cost less.


Custom MG Rifle

A machine gun that has been altered many times. It has 2 settings: Regular Bullets and Laser. Regular Bullets consume ammo, but Lasers either charge by soul, daylight, or canisters. The bayonet on the end is a taser.



Vials containing Soul Fire inside. These can be used to charge the rifle, or heal organics/nondemons. These are dangerous to demons. Dani can refill these canisters if they have energy/willpower to spare.

Loop Mask

Dani’s Mask with a custom paint job. It doubles as a gasmask and bioscanner.


Dani’s BEST FRIEND!!!!! They’re always talking to it, even as an adult. The plushie was handmade with care, and also houses basic tools inside its paws. Its main feature is that it’s also a grappling hook.

Relation to Rodney:

Being a mechanic and a tinkerer, Dani is essentially Rodney's 'medic' and can fix him up if he gets broken or injured. However, due to Rodney's build being from another universe, Dani has to rely on improvision and their own knowledge on robotics, rather than a manual.