All written and visual content hosted under this QUANTUM TRINKET subsite are a collaborative effort between guest user [SRSilver] and QuantumTrinket, with respects to the following subjects.

Splinter City OCT
- All site and comic assets are adapted from and based on the original settings, concepts, and visual designs from SPLINTER CITY OCT [LINK]
- Our Splinter City judges are: - Credits page gear assets created by SRSilver

Dani Ward refpage
- Art, concept, info, and offsite version by SRSilver
- Additional art and webpage design by QuantumTrinket

Rodney refpage
- Art, concept, info, webpage design, and downloadable version by QuantumTrinket
- Additional art by SRSilver

- Written and co-illustrated by SRSilver
- Co-written and co-illustrated by QuantumTrinket
- Guest appearances: Vector (PyPixy) [LINK]

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